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16 June 2023 @ 09:57 pm

Add meee.

Let's be Friends XD. LOL. I'm lonely here on Lj.. I spend most of my time on Crunchyroll.
But now crunchyroll has become bleeeeeh.
So Livejournal FTW!

I'm just an average fan girl. I cry, laugh and spazz about the simplest things.
07 July 2009 @ 05:48 pm

Like wooah. O_O. I'm still bewildered by these pictures.
DOng Bang Shin Ki INDEED. V___V.
I love DBSK too much, I feel that they're too perfect.
They're practically beyond perfect @_______@.
It's a Bad thing.

.. I'm not bashing DBSK. Cuz I truly love them too much >___<.
*cough cough* It's just woaaaah, they seem so untouchable.
Frick even their pillars that had their faces planted on them had to be protected
by security guards. INSANE right?!?!

It scares mee, seriously O_O.


I'm going to help 2PM rule the world.
One day I could totally see them performing in
Big concert stadiums such as tokyo dome.

Now c'mon my fellow HOTTESTs Let's rule the world with 2PM~
2PM FTW!!!
05 July 2009 @ 05:24 pm

Well, lately I've been into photography and Seto koji.
And I've just realized that photography and Seto Koji go hand in hand.
Seto koji is Hella adorable. He's cute and at times he's so hot. Yet it's weird to
call him hot cuz just look at that face! Too adorable @_@.

A while ago... <<
One of the best movies I've watched "Koizora" got turned into
a Jdorama. I was like Eeeeeek, yaay more Miura!
Then I googled like crazy and taada this dude showed up.
And I was like, O_O. That's not Miura.
V____V. And I refused to watch the drama adaptation of that movie.

FastForward >> to Today.
I finished all 6 episodes in one day.
.. I skipped some parts.. cuz I knew I'd start balling my eyes out.
But overall... the drama version was BETTER.
It was more slow-paced and not as tragic.
..Except the end. *sighs* I was still hoping for a miracle HAHAHA.
I have a headache from trying to stop my tears from falling.

*Note to self: Blinking constantly is a no-no. *

 [Pictures edited by mee. PhotoShop is so addicting]
30 June 2009 @ 07:27 pm


This video KILLS. .. Seriously.

30 June 2009 @ 04:49 pm

Report Card~~

Yaaayness. I'm like the only student in my school who
has a 58 in pre-calculus and a 62 in chemistry that still has
an 80% average. *pats self*
I made honor roll for the 3rd time ~~
I'm not bragging. I'm just really happy... and shocked.
>___<... i should've studied... but my lazy butt is very lazy.
Yaaaay honor roll baby~ XD.

I dedicate this year's honor roll certificate to my lovely chansunggie!
25 June 2009 @ 09:27 am

Like Woooah.
At first I thought it was a rip off of DBSK's Wrong number concept. >__<.
I was sooooo wrong! This video is amazing.
Hyunjoong totally became a better actor since his BOF days XD.
Not only a better actor.. he loooks sooo FINE!!!!! XD.
So hot >______<. .. ASFASDGGAHGFDAAA!!!! XD.


@__@. I've been having good mornings lately ^_________^.

24 June 2009 @ 01:39 pm
.. Well I just realized that my Pomeranian transforms into a squirrel with rabbis whenever she is bathed.O_O. I had her for like 2 years.. And during that 2 years this is the second time I bathed her.
Usually it's my dad or my mom. .. She was only like 4 months-ish the first time I gave her a bath.

V____V time does change many things XD.
23 June 2009 @ 10:32 pm

My Summer so Far:

-Watching Animes/Azn Movies/Dramas

-Working my A$$ off to save up money for TRIP. (Damn u mcdonald, I'mma quit b4 september)

..... Wooow. V_V My life is Dull.

23 June 2009 @ 06:46 pm
"God put everyone of us on this world to accomplish something.
I'm so far behind, I don't think I'll ever die...."
24 February 2009 @ 06:09 am