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07 July 2009 @ 05:48 pm
Daaaayum. @_@.  

Like wooah. O_O. I'm still bewildered by these pictures.
DOng Bang Shin Ki INDEED. V___V.
I love DBSK too much, I feel that they're too perfect.
They're practically beyond perfect @_______@.
It's a Bad thing.

.. I'm not bashing DBSK. Cuz I truly love them too much >___<.
*cough cough* It's just woaaaah, they seem so untouchable.
Frick even their pillars that had their faces planted on them had to be protected
by security guards. INSANE right?!?!

It scares mee, seriously O_O.


I'm going to help 2PM rule the world.
One day I could totally see them performing in
Big concert stadiums such as tokyo dome.

Now c'mon my fellow HOTTESTs Let's rule the world with 2PM~
2PM FTW!!!